Couchsurfing, here I go again

My name is Cecilia and I got really inspired by your profile. I'd like to go somewhere this autumn but I don't know where yet (just not scandinavian). Actually I think I want to (/have to) work so I don't know if Arbaz, Valais, Switzerland is the best place for that ;) but as I said; I liked your profile.
So I just wanted to say hi and see if you say hi back and that's as far as my plan goes. Maybe I want to visit you i Switzerland if I'm welcome, I don't know that yet :)
But I'd really like to read your reply

Until then!

Hi Cecilia, (why Carmen writer name?!)

wahooo, what a crazy message... I didn't receive any other like that before... except "SPAM" from Russia ahahah ;)

My area is so great during en of summer until winter time, but to work it's another think.. I don't really know for foreigners (what would you do?!?! and could you speak little french?) If you plan to come here... you will be welcome, if it's only for me ;) I don't know if I am worth seeing (don't know how to say it ahahah in french is.. Je ne sais pas si je vaux le déplacement... ;))

But I would be delighted to meet you...

greeetings from SwitZ


ps... hola en el empeza del mensaje es porque hablas español o no!??! besoooooos

Hello there!
The short answer is: I forgot that I'm using my nickname here on CS

About work, well I don't know! Don't you drink coffee in Switzerland? I make and serve good coffee and I promise I'll smile while I'm doin' it! ;)
Or do you have any other suggestions? Is there anything in Switzerland you can do that doesn't require a dictionary and a brain surgeon diploma?
Mon français était très pauvre. Il est encore pire que mon espagnol.

"Je ne sais pas si je vaux le déplacement". You don't know if you are worth the trip? Well, me neither :P but we'll find out. But if I still think I have to work so it kind of depends on it. On the other hand; I can just travel to Swiss, see if I could get a job and if I can't then I'll go home.
Do you know Elio del Frate?

No, no hablo español. Mi español es muy limitado, pero trato de que me enseñara algunas oraciones de todos los idiomas ... y recorrido un largo camino con Google Translate ;)